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Application of Chaotic Encryption to Secure the Fingerprint Data

Ahmed Sabri(1*), Mohamed Ouslim(2)

(1) LMSE Lab. Electronics dept. University USTO-MB, Algeria
(2) 1LMSE Lab. Electronics dept. University USTO-MB, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author



To secure biometric data transmission over a network of computers, the cryptography is used as it proves its efficiency and appears to be as an interesting solution. In this paper, we propose a new chaotic encryption system for the fingerprint image. A detailed description of encryption and decryption algorithms is given. Both permutation and diffusion operations employ the new multimodal Piece-Wise Linear Chaotic Map. The chaos-based method is analyzed using several tests on a standard fingerprint database. The obtained results are presented together with a deep analysis, to indicate that the proposed encryption system is extremely secure due to its large key’s value and the good performance of the permutation-diffusion processes. Furthermore, according to the conducted simulation tests, we showed that this algorithm has successfully passed the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-22a tests and security analyses, which confirms that the proposed scheme is a robust cryptographic system when applied to fingerprint images.
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Biometric Data; Crypto-Biometric System; Chaotic System; Encryption; Fingerprint

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