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Dealing Handover with Publish/Subscribe Middleware for Vehicular Networks: Modeling and Performance Analysis

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Because of the high mobility of nodes and of the low node density, the vehicular networks is sparse, partitioned into several areas, and thus characterized by an intermittent connectivity. So, in such networks, the mobility management, providing an effective handover and the delivery of the messages with low loss, is a real challenge. The content based publish/subscribe middleware has proven its efficiency for messages delivery in networks with fixed clients. However, by its decoupling in space, time and flow content based, publish/subscribe becomes a good solution for mobile wireless environments which are characterized by frequent and unpredictable disconnections due to clients mobility or weak wireless channel. Yet, in such environments it is essential that, when clients disconnect from an attachment point and reconnect to another, they can receive the messages that were published after they disconnected. This paper propose a content-based publish/subscribe middleware as data dissemination and disconnections management solution, based on the OMG's Data Distribution Service (DDS), which performs effective handover and reroutes undelivered events with low loss rate. For performance evaluation, the paper proposal implements a content based publish/subscribe middleware prototype first to analyze the system and then to demonstrate, through these evaluations, that the publication/subscription system allows to adapt itself quickly to the frequent disconnections. Then it will be demonstrated that the handover management protocol can improve effectively the performances of the system.
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Cache; DDS; Handover; Middleware; Opportunistic; Prediction; Publish/Subscribe; VANET

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