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Coupled Hidden Markov Model for Process Mining of Invisible Prime Tasks

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Process mining provides process improvement in a variety of application domains. A primary focus of process mining is transferring information from event logs into process model. One of the issues of process mining is dealing with invisible prime tasks. An invisible prime task is an additional task in the process model to assist in showing real processes. However, a few of algorithm solves the issue. This research proposes an algorithm for dealing with invisible prime tasks. The proposed algorithm contains rules and equations utilizing probability of state transition of Coupled Hidden Markov and double time-stamped in event logs. The rules and equations are used for determining invisible prime tasks and parallel control-flows patterns. In addition to dealing with invisible prime tasks, the experiment results also show that the proposed algorithm obtains right parallel control-flow patterns from non-complete event logs. This proposed algorithm also decreases usage of the invisible prime task in A# algorithm without reducing the quality of discovered process models. It has proven with the fitness of process models obtained by the proposed algorithm are relatively high as those obtained by A# algorithm.
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Coupled Hidden Markov Model; Double Time-stamped Event Log; Fitness; Invisible Prime Tasks; Process Mining

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