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Using Geospatial Technologies in Building User-Friendly Interactive Marketing Platform

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In a world characterized by a huge diversification of goods, trademarks, specifications, prices, and purchasing outlets and methods, an increasing number of people from all over the world seeks the help of modern technologies for answering questions such as “what exactly should I buy?”, “at what price?”, and “from where?” This tendency has grown deeper with the geolocation of web technologies becoming more and more powerful, and computers becoming more and more mobile and better connected to the Internet. This paper presents a new methodology to identify which products are the most relevant to each individual customer preferences, display the results in an appropriate form. A combination of indexing and ontology is used in the proposed methodology in order to achieve the desired result, which is namely to create, for each customer, a “user-profile” that could describe and rank mathematically customers behaviour attitudes, and acts. Moreover, the methodology followed in this paper applies an algebraic vector model to match the available commercial offers with the acts committed by the customer while navigating the Internet, in order to determine the nearest and the most relevant offers. The results are then displayed on a web map platform. The methodology adopts a combination of spatial, statistical, and neighbourhood analyses in order to select the suitable results. The spatial and non-spatial (i.e. attributes) of each offer are published in a navigable and interactive manner on the web map.
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Marketing Offers; Creating User's Profile; Spatial Information and Attributes

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