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NPCs Multi Enemy Attack Formation Using Bee Colony Algorithm

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NPC’s in a game has been a trending topic in a recent study, because it provides many research opportunities such as its application on Artificial Intelligent (AI). AI itself can be divided into several areas such as path finding, decision making, learning logic, etc. This research was conducted to develop a method that can support the AI feature by adding animal behavior at the NPC movement. Bee Colony has been selected as the main method in this study because the bee colony has been researched in several previous studies and has proven its effectiveness. But such method was only tested on a stationary target, and it is not yet known what would happen if such methods would be applied in the NPC with a wide range of targets and the targets can move freely. The present study will discuss about how to organize a group of NPC to move like a colony of bee towards multiple target using bee colony algorithm.
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NPC; Bee Colony; Artificial Intelligent; Swarming; Game

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