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New Approach to Flicker Removal in Underwater Images

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The exploration the underwater ocean natural resources presents many obstacles, mainly because of the limited means. One way to dig the sea natural resources is through images. However the imagery is not that easy on the surface. The main factors that constraint is the quality of light on an object underwater. Quality of sunlight on an object is affected by the depth underwater. In addition to the quality of light on an object, other factors are waves on the sea surface. Waves on the sea surface, when exposed to sunlight will result in an irregular pattern of light. This condition is called the sunlight flicker. Flicker is a problem in processing underwater images. With the object which contains the flicker will lead to different interpretations. Thus flicker must be removed from the underwater images. The proposed method is a modification of the HSV color model image. HSV color image modification is made by setting the value V (value) in the HSV color with removal iteration process. The color section V is selected because of the image brightness in the HSV color specified in section V with removal iteration process. Iteration process on the proposed method starts by marking a pixel flicker with the numbers 1 and 0 are not. The result of this designation will serve as a reference position of flicker in the removal process. The iteration process will be completed if the image is not identified flicker.
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Exploration; Underwater; Lighting; Flicker; HSV; Images

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