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A Text-to-Audiovisual Synthesizer for Indonesian by Morphing Viseme

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There are many researches held on the text-to-audiovisual, but only a few are applied on Indonesian language. The results of the present research can be applied to a very wide field, e.g. gaming industry, animation industry, human computer interaction systems, etc. The correspondence among speech, mouth movements (visual phoneme/viseme) and phoneme spoken is needed to produce a realistic text-to-audiovisual. This research aims to develop a text-to-audiovisual synthesizer for Indonesian language based on inputted Indonesian text called TTAVI (Text-To-AudioVisual synthesizer for Indonesian language). The method consists of four major parts, namely, building the models of Indonesian’s viseme, converting a text-to-speech, synchronization process, and stringing the visemes by using the morphing viseme algorithm. Morphing viseme algorithm shows that a virtual character of the phonemes pronunciation resulting from the TTAVI synthesizer is smoother. 10 Indonesian texts inputted to TTAVI synthesizer were examined by 30 users. The appraisal results of  users were calculated by applying Mean Opinion Score (MOS) methods. The average of the MOS score is 4.106 with a value range from 1 to 5. This shows that TTAVI synthesizer is considered good, and morphing viseme algorithm is able to make the result of TTAVI synthesizer smoother.
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Audiovisual; Viseme; A Model of Indonesian’s Visemes; Indonesian Text; Morphing Viseme

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