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An Efficient Area-Based Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

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The area-based localization schemes estimate the residence area of the unknown nodes, using only the position of some reference nodes, called anchors. Unfortunately, these algorithms suffer from the wrong decisions made about the presence inside a given area. In this paper, an attempt is made to overcome this shortcoming by introducing a new area-based scheme for wireless sensor networks (WSN), called REAL (REliable Area-based Localization algorithm). REAL scheme is range-free and energy efficient. It does not require the remaining nodes to exchange information; it is only based on proximity information of neighboring anchors for the localization process. Our REAL scheme introduces a new specific geometric shape that defines the sensor’s residence area and performs a new efficient test to check the presence of a sensor inside a given area. Extensive simulations were conducted to evaluate the performance of REAL scheme. The simulation results confirmed that REAL scheme guaranty better location accuracy and higher percentage of localizable nodes, compared to state of the art approaches.
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Anchors; Area; Localization; Range-Free; WSN

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