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A Fuzzy Logic Based Proximity-Aware Cloud Service Broker Algorithm

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This paper proposes a fuzzy logic based service broker algorithm for cloud computing environments. The proposed algorithm employs a hierarchical fuzzy inference system (FIS) to rate data centers based on their cost and performance characteristics. Incoming user requests are distributed among available data centers in accordance with their ratings such that an overall improvement in cost and performance can be achieved. The proposed algorithm has been implemented using an open source cloud simulation platform. Its impact on cloud environment performance has been quantified on the basis of overall response time (ORT) and data center processing time (DCRT). On the other hand, its cost efficiency has been quantified in terms of percent reduction in total cost (TC). Compared to previous brokering algorithms, the proposed algorithm has achieved a 29.15% improvement in ORT, a 53.95 % improvement in DCRT and a 31.08 % cost savings.
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Cloud Computing; Service Broker; Data Center; Performance; Cost

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