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An Anticipatory Approach to Overcome Node Breakage and Convergence Issues in VANET Protocols

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VANET is a type of ad-hoc network that provides communication among vehicles. The routing protocols designed for VANET should support the QoS for VANET-based applications. Convergence is a major issue in VANET due to high mobility. Convergence time is the time duration between the time of discovering a fault path and restoring a valid path newly. Since VANET provides services to data transmissions, the convergence time plays a crucial role. This paper addresses this issue and develops an anticipatory approach for route discovery and route maintenance for the existing AODV routing protocol. The approach adopts the cross layer design to determine the link lifetime for reliable data transmission from source to destination. If the signal power and the residual lifetime of the link fallsbelow a threshold level, the link is erased in the routing table and this information is shared to all other neighbors using a beacon message in order to erase that link from the neighbors routing table. In this manner, this approach will solve the issue of link break and convergence. The simulation results are performed and the proposed approach is compared with the existing routing protocols of VANET in terms of link change rate, link arrival rate, delay, packet loss.
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VANET; Convergence Time; AODV; Routing Protocol; Anticipatory Approach; Signal Power and Cross Layer Approach

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