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Comparison on Routing Processing Performance between Shortest Paths Tree (SPT) and Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)

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This study’s objective is to assess the performance of routing processing between Shortest Paths Tree (SPT) and Minimum Spanning Tree (MST). In this paper we propose and create software to calculate the efficiency path of routing processing in the network. Extensive simulations are being carried out with two different algorithms specific for Dijkistra’s algorithm and Kruskal’s algorithm. The network loads in the performance plots are characterized by two important parameters (a number of vertices) - 7 nodes and 10 nodes, more vertices could show good performance in the simulation results and showed that the performance of Kruskal’s algorithm is better than Dijkistra’s algorithm when the network loads are increased from 7 nodes to 10 nodes. In this simulation, Because of the total cost of distance matrix for Kruskal is less than Dijkistra when the number of routers or nodes is increased from 7 nodes to 10 nodes. This software namely Network Aids Design (NAD), is useful for calculation about the performance of routing processing in the network.
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Routing Process; Shortest Paths Tree (SPT); Minimum Spanning Tree (MST); Dijkistra’s Algorithm; Kruskal’s Algorithm and Prim's Algorithm

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