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New Maturity Evaluation Model for Open Source Software Selection

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Open Source Software is widely used as it offers several advantages such as cost saving, security and ability to modify the source code, which encourages companies to adopt it. Morocco like many countries has been hit by the global crisis that affected its economy, it is, therefore, necessary to propose solutions to help our economy survive and improve. The OSS has been adopted in many developed countries, as its introduction and implementation has saved a lot of money and offered various advantages. After having conducted a first survey, we have proposed a new model to decision makers in order to help them choose the best open source software that exactly meets their needs, which we have nicknamed Easiest Open Source Software Evaluation Model "EOSSEM". Following to our second survey carried out in the  second quarter 2015 in collaboration with decision-makers and IT experts, it was necessary to update our model by adding new highly relevant criteria.
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Decision Making; Evaluation Criteria; Evaluation Process; Free/Libre Open Source Software; Moroccan Economy; Open Source Software Development

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