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Cloud Storage Broker: a Novel Framework to Provide Cloud Storage Service Using Security Aware Optimal Resource Allocation

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Motivated by most of the current cloud resource allocation policy which are cloud service provider/owner centric in which criteria are maximum utilization, maximum revenue collection, and performance, of cloud resources.  In this paper we present a framework which act as cloud storage broker and provide the cloud storage service to user the using user centric criteria are which based on minimum cost and maximum security.  Like other computing model resources allocation is also a challenging task in cloud computing. Cloud storage services are widely used to eliminate the need for local storage to lowering operational and maintenance costs. However, budget, security and privacy are major concerns when data are out-sourced.  In this paper, we also describe and implement proposed cloud resource allocation framework that integrates cloud storage resources that are provided by different cloud service providers. Finally evaluate the proposed framework using case study in which different user request and cloud resource are generated randomly. The simulation results suggest that approach reach near to optimal solution for resource allocation. The result shows that efficiency of the framework and algorithm depends on the configuration of available resources as well as on configuration of user request.
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Cloud Computing; Cloud Storage; Data Security; Cloud Resources Allocation; Storage Virtual Machines; Cloud Resource Broker; Cloud Resource Manager

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