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Efficiency Improved Direction Oriented Forwarding Protocol with the Utilization of the Node Mobility for MANET

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Mobile Ad-hoc Network is a set of wireless mobile nodes which are forming a network temporarily. The nodes are communicating with each other without any infrastructure. The nodes are mobile nodes; hence the topology of the network is changing continuously. The mobile nodes forward data as an intermediate node. Because of node mobility and transmission link instability the network splits into partitions. The whole network becomes as the combination of disconnected small groups. The data communication is not possible between those disconnected groups. In this paper we propose a new routing protocol which uses the node mobility to improve the efficiency of the whole network. The Direction Oriented Forwarding protocol improves the efficiency of the whole network by selecting only one node in the direction of the destination as the next hop. The efficiency is further improved by using moving nodes in intermittent connectivity. In this paper we do the simulation in ns-2 simulator and the performance is measured on the basis of performance parameters like, Packet Delivery Ratio, Throughput.
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Direction Oriented Forwarding; Node Mobility; Improved Efficiency

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