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DWT and Lifting Wavelet Transform Based Robust Watermarking for Color Image

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Illegal copying and unauthorized redistribution of digital media is a serious problem which has affected various forms of digital contents including digital images. One of the means which has been proposed to provide support for copyright protection is to embed digital watermarking within the digital images. However, the effectiveness of the watermarks themselves are affected by various types of attacks and one of the most serious challenges is perhaps image compressions whereby researchers are forced to develop robust watermarking systems which should survive various forms of compression techniques since digital images are usually compressed before they are loaded on the Internet. In this paper, a new robust image watermarking algorithm based on two transforms has been proposed whereby both watermark and cover images are in colored forms. Two wavelet transforms of different nature have been applied, one for each watermark and cover image. These transforms are Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and a second generation of wavelet transform; lifting wavelet transform (LWT). The performance of the scheme has been benchmarked against similar watermarking techniques and it outperformed them, whereby the evaluation protocols include testing against various image modifications and attacks and subsequently the system has been proven to be quite robust.
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Image Watermarking; Color Image Watermarking; DWT; LWT

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