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Development and Evaluation of Animal and Plant Video Encyclopedias Implementing Service-Oriented Architecture Design Principles

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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural concept to build software which emphasizes the use of services and comprises design principles. Research on this paper implements SOA design principles in the development of Animal Video Encyclopedia and Plant Video Encyclopedia. By implementing SOA, this paper would like to see if SOA affects the number of Function Points in the development of a software solution. Function Point numbers which are the result of Function Point Analysis (FPA) calculation have been widely used in software industry to measure the size of an application based on functionalities from user’s perspective. This paper uses FPA method to count the Function Points between both Animal and Plant Video Encyclodias solution implementing SOA and Animal and Plant Video Encyclopedias solution that does not implement SOA. Function Points from both solutions are then compared and analyzed based on the implementation of SOA design principles. Results show that numbers of Function Points of the solution implementing SOA appear to be smaller than the number of Function Points of the solution which is not implementing SOA.
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Service-Oriented Architecture; Design Principles; Windows Communication Foundation; Function Point Analysis; Video Encyclopedia

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