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Adapted Bat Algorithm for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

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The Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) is an NP-hard problem and one of the most challenging combinatorial optimization task. This paper presents a new Swarm Algorithm based on bats behavior to solve CVRP. We called it, Adapted Bat Algorithm (ABA). Previous works show that Bat Algorithm (BA) has not yet been applied efficiently to solve CVRP, even though it was successfully used to solve other problems. The approach of ABA allows a large diversity of the population and a balance between global and local search. The simulation of nine benchmark instances shows that our proposed algorithm is effective and feasible. Compared to Genetic Algorithm (GA), ABA can get high precision and exceed some best known values.
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Adapted Bat Algorithm; Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem; Genetic Algorithm; Natural Inspired Algorithm; Swarm Intelligence

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