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Investigating Data Transfer Mechanism and Estimating Power Consumption to Enhance Power Efficiency in WSNs

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Reduction of power consumption is still a goal to achieve in any embedded application especially for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) where nodes are powered with no reloadable battery. In this paper we propose a new approach that minimizes the power consumed by the microcontrollers (MCU), which is the main processing component in the node. In literature, data transfers are always processed using Direct Memory Access (DMA) or Interrupts (IT) in hardcoded approaches. In our new approach, the processing module predicts in run time the best transfer method among DMA and IT that minimizes the power consumption and preforms an auto configuration transfer mechanism. Based on different parameters acting in data transfer the processing dynamically switches between DMA and IT based transfers.
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Wireless Sensor Network; Power Saving; Microcontroller Unit; Direct Memory Access; Interrupt; Estimation Power Consumption; Tipping Point

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