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Edema and Nodule Pathological Voice Identification by SVM Classifier on Speech Signal

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This paper introduces two voicing parameters to describe the speech signal and study their effects on the classification of disordered voices. These parameters are the fundamental frequency and the open quotient. The fundamental frequency is obtained by the voicing speech period and the open quotient is defined as the ratio of the open phase by the pitch period.  These open phase and pitch period are determined by the GCI and GOI obtained from the multi-scale product method (MPM) of the speech signal. The classification is operated on two pathological databases MAPACI and MEII by an SVM classifier multi-class one against all. We consider a three-category classification into edema, nodule and normal voices for the female speakers. The effects of these voicing parameters are studied when added to MFCC coefficients, MFCC derivatives, and the energy
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Pathological Voices; SVM; MFCC; Open Quotient

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