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A Novel Semantic Cloud Computing Interoperability Model for Platform as a Service System

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Cloud computing is the fastest growing, popular and most widely used technology in the current web. Interoperability is one of the major issues found in cloud environments where it is not an easy go for the cloud consumers to have a direct interaction with the cloud providers in order to request for a service. The semantic web technology is the most powerful growing technology to the current web which allows adding semantic metadata to the cloud services. Addition of Semantic web technologies to the cloud platforms provides scalable and efficient results to the consumers. This paper presents a semantic interoperability model which provides an improved interaction between the cloud Platform as a service provider and the cloud consumers. The semantic interoperability layer that sits between the cloud provider and the user does the semantic description generation of the service which helps in discovering the service and invoking the service with respect to the user’s request. This proposed method is done with the cloud service called Google app engine which is Platform as a service provided by Google and the semantic web technology tool used is JRDF, a framework for RDF and SPARQL Query language.
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Cloud Computing; Google App Engine; JRDF; RDF (Resource Description Framework); Semantic Web; SPARQL (Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language)

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