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A Novel Adaptive Contention Window and Distributed Inter Frame Space for IEEE 802.11

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The networks nodes in IEEE 802.11 standard need a strategy to enhance the system performance. The network performance can be evaluated in view of Quality of Service (QoS) parameters, for example, delay, throughput, packet loss, jitter and collision which are strict prerequisites for multimedia applications. This paper exhibits an element component to modify the contention window (CW) and distributed inter frame space (DIFS) parameters to the IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Control (MAC) convention to improve QoS. The proposed plan is in light of the Collision Rate (CR), Collision Rate Variation (CRV) and packet loss rate for every bundle activity class to modify the CW and DIFS at runtime in single-hop networks. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed plan upgrades the normal QoS for high priority traffic by 34% and 33.9% for the 5 and 10 connections, respectively. While the normal QoS for the low priority traffic is enhanced by 17.3% and 33.6% for the 5 and 10 connections, respectively. The outcomes demonstrate that, the proposed methodology support the QoS in wireless networks.
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Service Differentiation; CW; MAC; Collision Rate; Packet Loss Rate; Average QoS and Average Delay

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