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Distributed Wormhole Detection Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network

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Wireless sensor Network (WSN) is currently emerging as an effective approach for numerous applications such as industrial and surveillance applications. However, several security issues inhibit the performance of the wireless sensor network. The wormhole attacks weaken the performance gain of the coding system. This paper proposes a wormhole geographic distributed detection (WGDD) algorithm using a hop technique to detect the wormhole attacks. The proposed WGDD algorithm utilizes a hop system as a test methodology, recreates nearby hubs utilizing multidimensional scaling at every hub, and uses a novel “diameter” gimmick to recognize the attack delivered by wormholes. The key preference of the calculation is that it detects wormhole attack and remove the attacker. In the proposed system, nodes can be created dynamically and are connected during the file transfer. The proposed algorithm is better than other wormhole detection algorithms, since it does not require anchoring nodes and any additional hardware.
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Expected Transmission Count (ETX); Local Map; Wireless Sensor Network (WSN); Wormhole Attack; Wormhole Geographic Distributed Detection (WGDD)

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