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Certificate Revocation List Distribution Based on Road Map Distance Protocol (RMDP) in Vanet

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Vehicular ad-hoc networking can provide efficient traffic information, emergency warning, alert messages and infotainment dissemination. It takes a vital role in safety fields such as defense system, traffic system, etc. Even though, some advanced Public Key Infrastructure and digital signature method was used for security, intrusion detection is an inevitable challenge in networks. Prevention and detection of malicious vehicle from jeopardizing the safety of the other vehicle is focused in this paper by using region-based FBB (Flooding-Bilinear-Bloom Filter) authentication protocol. Authentication is performed in any PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) system by checking if the certificate of the sender is included in the CRL (Certificate Revocation List) and verifying the authenticity and checking the sign of the sender. Bilinear pairing method is used to create an anonymous Id for each vehicle. The CRL checking process has been done using Bloom Filter method which avoids false negative. CRL can be passed between vehicles by bi-directional flooding method which avoids network congestion. This paper focuses mainly the CRL dissemination using the bi-directional flooding method. It replaces the time-consuming CRL Checking process. It reduces message loss ratio by using fast revocation checking and CRL updating method as well as it needs very less memory space compared to other methods.
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Certificate Revocation List; Roadmap Distance Protocol; Secret Key; Security; Vanet

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