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A Robust Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Vehicular Networks

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The wide range of applications of wireless sensor networks in various fields such as Military, Surveillance, Monitoring, Agriculture, Road Safety etc. has made it a supportive era for various technologies. Since numerous sensors in sensor network are organized on outlying and distant places, the deployment and safeguarding should be calm and adaptable. Hence an efficient medium control and routing is to be provided for the efficient utilization of the channels and to enhance the network lifetime and throughput. In the proposed paper, an efficient routing protocol is proposed for regular queries in WSN. Cluster heads, head-set, are introduced. The head-set members are liable for controlling and managing the network. The controlling nodes can be adjusted consistently for the given data collecting nodes in order to minimize the energy intake and enhance the network existence. The proposed method is analyzed in MATLAB Simulation Tool that shows the effective results regarding throughput and network lifetime.
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Head-set; ADHOC Network; MANET; VANET; WSN

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