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An Approach for Text Steganography: Generating Tamil Text Summary Using Tamil Phonetics

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Steganography is the ability and science of enclosed or secreted writing. The idea of steganography is masked communication to hide the existence of a message from the interfering eyes. Digital Steganography algorithms have been developed by using text documents, image files and audio files as the cover media. This paper presents an approach for converting a secret message into a Text summary in Tamil language and that is transmitted over communication channel. The proposed method classifies the Tamil alphabets into four groups to hide secret data bits and it selects the sentence to generate a summary of the text, known as stego text. Similarly at the extraction end, the receiver extracts the characters from the stego text by following the groups and places the corresponding bits to get the secret message from the summary generated by the hiding process. This proposed method exhibits a satisfactory experimental result with the cover text chosen.
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Information Security; Phonetics of Tamil Alphabets; Text Steganography and Text Summary

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