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Contention Free Time Efficient Broadcasting Protocol for Safety Applications in VANETs

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In Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) message dissemination mechanism is a key factor in the successful deployment of this technology, as it guarantees the efficient implementation of its time sensitive safety application. In delay based broadcasting protocols, the main delay that is experienced by the message that comes from the contention waiting time, which is added at each hop throughout the broadcasting path. This hop delay is necessary in these protocols to suppress the broadcasting storm and decreasing the number of relays. However, such waiting times may lead to higher end-to-end delay that might be significant for safety and time sensitive applications. In this research, we proposed a protocol called Contention Free Time Efficient (CFTE) Broadcasting Protocol, which is a VANET broadcasting protocol that aims to decrease the end-to-end delay by applying a new relay selection mechanism to minimize the latency time by avoiding the calculation and waiting time stages that are usually done in the delay based broadcasting protocols. CFTE protocol has been implemented and tested in a network simulator. We found that the performance of CFTE overcomes the performance of other delay based broadcasting protocols such as Efficient Directional Broadcast (EDB) and Light-Weight Reliable Broadcast Message Delivery (LW-RBMD) by decreasing the hop delay to 83% and 94% respectively, while maintaining an acceptable level of overhead.
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Broadcasting Protocol; Delay Based Broadcasting Protocols; Message Dissemination; Safety Application; Time Sensitive Application; VANET

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