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Wavelet Based Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Acoustic Noise Cancellation

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This paper prefers Acoustic Noise cancellation (ANC) system using Wavelet based adaptive filtering algorithms. The Acoustic Noise canceller is implemented using adaptive algorithms like LMS (Least Mean Square), NLMS (Normalized Least Mean Square),RLS (Recursive Least Square), and FRLS (Fast Recursive Least Square). The inclusion of wavelet based transformation in ANC reduces the number of samples to be processed and increase the efficiency of the system by minimizing the processing time. The simulation results shows that the wavelet transform based adaptive algorithms produce improvement in SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) with less execution time compared to conventional adaptive algorithms.
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Acoustic Noise Cancellation; Least Mean Square; Normalized Least Mean Square; Recursive Least Square; Fast Recursive Least Square; Signal to Noise Ratio

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