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A Secured and Time Efficient Electronic Business Framework Based on Public Key Cryptography

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Electronic business is booming day by day and becoming very essential medium in everyone’s life to shop with. As the demand for such a reliable system grows day by day on the other side the threats also. Providing security is the most important criteria to any particular system. When it comes to a system which involves money transaction requires complete security. But at the same time the security providing mechanism should not affect the performance of such system. Public key cryptosystem which was the significant invention in the field of cryptography is not preferred for the purpose of encryption and decryption in most of the web applications as it is taking longer execution time. Because of this particular bottleneck the secured approach is staying away from the current trend.  In this paper we are going to present a secure e business model which will have the asymmetric key encryption approach. Also this paper will investigate the availability of this proposed model in the web applications like electronic business medium.
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RSA; Elgamal; ECC; E-Business; PKI; SHA

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