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Adaptive Resource Allocation Mechanism (ARM) for Efficient Load Balancing in WiMAX Network

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Today in the wireless network field, WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave access) has emerged out as one of the promising networking technologies. In order to compete with the existing wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15), WiMAX has to promise cost efficiency and better quality of service (QoS). The Adaptive Resource Allocation Mechanism (ARM) is proposed to control traffic rate and ensure load balancing (LB) in the WiMAX network. The proposed approach considers relay station (RS) in the network. When there is an arrival of new users in the network, its data rate is computed and then compared with the data rate of RS. When the data rate of new user is less than that of RS, then the data rate of the corresponding base station (BS) is compared. The connections are switched from congested stations to non-congested stations to minimize network load. The handover mechanism is used by BSs for optimally balancing the traffic load within the network. LB-based handover mechanism guarantee users are QoS and evenly distribute the traffic load. The experimental analysis showed that the proposed method achieves better traffic management and load balancing when compared with the existing approaches.
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Adaptive Resource Allocation; Handover Mechanism; IEEE 802.16J; Load Balancing; Traffic Control; WiMAX

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