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Zone Based Secure Multicast Architecture for Intra-Cluster Communication in MANET

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In mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) in order to enhance efficiency, the multicast MANET is used for a sender node, which sends data packets to a number of nodes in the network through a multicast session. Due to the complicatedness in zone membership management and multicast packet forwarding over a dynamic topology, completion of efficient and scalable multicast with security in MANET becomes a challenge. In order to achieve a secure multicast architecture for MANETS, in this paper, we propose a Zone based Secure Multicast Architecture for Intra-cluster Communication in MANET. Initially, cluster creation is performed. Then, in a broad environment, a zone-based bidirectional tree is constructed and the zone leader is elected using trust value. Trust value is estimated from the Markov trust model. Finally, the secure voting process in the selected zone leader is made by using the elliptic curve discrete algorithm (ECDSA).
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Intra Cluster Communication; Multicast MANET; Elliptic Curve Discrete Algorithm

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