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An Efficient Energy Clustering by Dynamic Multi-Chain Model in WSN

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Effective and Efficient gathering data from different environments can be done by a large number of sensors are available in Wireless sensor networks currently for maximizing the network lifetime and minimizing the energy consumption and transmission delay. Because of sensors are working based on the power, it is compulsory to design an efficient protocol to save the energy as much as possible while routing. In this paper we propose an Energy Efficient Cluster-Dynamic Multi Chain Model (ECDMCM) model, efficient data aggregation and passing method in a routing protocol where the cluster Heads are connected dynamically in a chain manner. The chain construction occurs dynamically and the cluster head rotates locally inside the cluster over energy as well as distance between the cluster nodes and other cluster Heads. In the existing systems the cluster head elected over energy or distance. During the transmission of data re- formation of cluster does not exist. The outcome of  results show that our suggested  protocol significantly performs LEACH, CBRP and PEGASIS functions in terms of  lifetime of network, period stability , instability period, energy consumption, transmission delay and the total number of data received at base station.
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Energy; Power; Efficiency; Cluster; Cluster Heads; Chain

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