Optimized Network Selection Using Aggregate Utility Function in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

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To provide global connectivity with high speed and high quality at any place and any time is now becoming a reality due to the integration and co-ordination of different Radio Access Technologies(RAT) such as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), Universal mobile Telecommunication Systems (UMTS), Wireless Local Area network (WLAN) and Long Term Evolution (LTE).Such a diversity of networks offers different choices in terms of bandwidth, security, cost, latency and the coverage area for the mobile user. For such a heterogeneous wireless environment, it is important to design an intelligent handover algorithm which selects the optimal target network. The existing works do not consider the interdependence between the criteria and the use of application QoS in weight calculation during network evaluation process. To address this issue, an appropriate multicriteria network selection algorithm based on multiplicative weighted utility function is proposed to provide complete solution for seamless connectivity in heterogeneous environment based on network conditions, application QoS, Mobile Terminal (MT) battery level and user preferences. MATLAB based simulations are conducted to highlight the effectiveness of proposed scheme and simulation results confirm that the proposed scheme selects the best suitable network for both Real-Time (RT) and Non- Real Time (NRT) applications while achieving optimization between QoS, cost and energy consumption. The Cobb-Douglas based user satisfaction degree is also estimated to verify whether the selected network maximizes the end user satisfaction for the offered service.

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Heterogeneous Networks; Network Evaluation; Multicriteria Network Selection; Multiplicative Weighted Utility Function; Quality of Service

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