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A Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Using Steerable Pyramid Transform

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In recent years, digital image watermarking techniques are represented as a solution to protect intellectual property rights of digital media. In this work, we propose a new watermarking scheme based on steerable pyramid decomposition transform. Trade-off between invisibility and robustness properties is considered in the proposed scheme. In which, the distortion caused by the embedding process of the watermark should be as low as possible and at the same time should be robust as high as possible against attacks. The proposed scheme embeds several copies of the watermark image in all steerable pyramid transform bands of the original image, in order to facilitate the watermark detection and to be more robust against several attacks like cropping in case we lost some parts of the watermarked image. In the experimental results, the good similarity between the watermarked and the original images demonstrates the good invisibility of the proposed scheme, and the survival of the watermark against geometric and no-geometric attacks demonstrates the robustness of the same scheme.
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Robust Digital Watermarking; Steerable Pyramid Transform; Geometric Attacks

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