Evaluation and Analysis of Novel Mobile Agent Model in Network Fault Management

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Network fault management aims at detecting and avoiding network problems, and thus at increasing a network's availability, keeping downtimes to a minimum, and improving network performance. It is a most important in network management and also in the research area of mobile agent technology. Models of mobile agent technology and the traditional SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) - Based C/S (Client/Server) are facing a lot of problems, such as availability, flexibility and scalability of network, traffic bottleneck, etc., with the increasing of network size, complexity and heterogeneity. The novel mobile agent model can improve these deficiencies and work better to achieve distributed network management. The network fault management save network bandwidth reduces latency, increase the reliability, and improve management efficiency. This paper provides the evaluates and analyses the performance of a network fault management in terms of average network traffic, cost spent the processing of nodes of the novel mobile agent model for unlimited nodes and also data access algorithms with the models of mobile agent technology with limited nodes and the traditional SNMP-Based client server system which is proved with the mathematical formulae and experimental results.

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SNMP; Mobile Agent; Load Balancing; Distributed Network Management

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