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A Secured and Reliable Route Maintenance Mechanism for AODV Routing Protocol

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Link failure between the nodes takes place due to reasons like channel interference and dynamic obstacles in mobile Ad Hoc networks, that give rise to severe performance degradation. In traditional AODV, the link failure is overcome by re-routing from the source node which is considered to be a time consuming process that increases the overhead of the nodes. Also, in case of multiple link failures, there are chances for loss of data packets. The performance of the network during link failure has to be maintained dynamically in circumstances such as long data transfer such as a stream of voice data which is an underlying challenge. Another challenging problem is to feasibly detect and defend possible attacks during data transmission. In order to overcome these performance related issues, we developed the Secured Local Link Failure Recovery Algorithm (SLLFR) for Adhoc networks that establishes recovery from link failures spontaneously at the point of link breakage. In such cases, a reliable link failure recovery is the main criteria that will determine the performance of the network in terms of quality of service (QoS). The SLLFR is deployed in each node collects RREP in the RREP Buffer Table (RBT) stack in the highest order of signal strength, which gets triggered during link failures. Once a link failure is detected, the intermediate node searches for an alternate path around the faulty area by choosing the first RREP that is stacked in the RBT and establishes a new route to the intended destination for sending the data packets without any time delay. The simulation results show that the performance parameters like packet delivery ratio, throughput, average end to end delay and routing overhead are better compared to the traditional AODV and other link failure recovery techniques.
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MANET; Routing; Link Failure; Signal Strength; Internal Attacks

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