A Conceptual Foundation for Aspect-Oriented Modeling

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The aspect-oriented approach has emerged as a modeling paradigm for different phases of the software development life cycle. Production of separate, explicit representations of crosscutting concerns is the main feature of the approach, to enable modular and flexible implementation of aspects while maintaining model simplicity. Nevertheless, the problem is that current UML-based representation uses a multiplicity of diagrammatic specifications to incorporate aspects and concerns; thus, several series of models are produced that offer various “views” of the system instead of a uniform integrated description that is more appropriate for addressing crosscutting concerns. This paper proposes a conceptual foundation for aspect-oriented modeling utilizing a flow-based diagrammatic specification to build two systems: an application system and a global controlling system.  This development is facilitated by schemata that uniformly integrate functional and nonfunctional requirements. A case study is utilized to illustrate the proposed method. The resultant contribution promises a viable approach to the notion of integrating crosscutting concerns into system modeling.
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Aspect-Oriented Modeling; Software Development Life Cycle; Conceptual Modeling; UML

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