Energy Efficient Data Collection Framework for WSN with Layers and Uneven Clusters

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Clustering achieves greater improvement in wireless sensor network lifetime as compared to flat routing. Even though many clustering algorithms are put on, still some issues need to be addressed. They are overhead for cluster head election, network lifetime, single node cluster and energy hole problem. To optimize these issues we proposed the data collection frame work using unequal clustering with layer based inter-cluster communication. In this work, we divide the network in to layers based on the distance from sink to node and each layer is sub divided in to unequal size cluster to mitigate energy hole problem, CHs are elected based on the residual energy, distance between node and layer boundary and the distance between node and the data forwarder node. The clusters are maintained for several rounds to reduce the clustering over head. To improve the network life time, multiple smaller chains with cluster heads at each cluster are formed for inter-clustering communication. The performance of the proposed algorithm is compared with the existing algorithms such as LEACH, EECS, DWECHC and EEUC. The simulation results show that our solution will improve the network lifetime and mitigate the energy hole problem.
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WSN; Network Lifetime; Energy Efficiency; Clustering; Energy Hole Problem

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