Swarm and Fuzzy Based Co-operative Cache Management Framework for MANET

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In mobile ad hoc network, when the query directory increases, the hit ratio and total delay increases including traffic overhead. To overcome this issue and also to offer a combined solution for cache sharing, discovery and consistency, in this paper, we propose a swarm and fuzzy based co-operative cache management framework for MANET.  In this technique, reservation node selection is performed using fuzzy logic technique and the data forwarding between the reservation node and the requesting node is performed by swarm based routing. When the node receives the data, the caching decision is made based on the parameters such as information presence index and content drop time. The consistency maintenance is achieved using flexible Push and pull algorithm, which satisfies user-specified consistency requirements at minimum cost by associating cache-copy with a time-out value. By simulation results, we show that proposed technique reduces the routing overhead and latency.

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Swarm; Fuzzy; Co-Operative Cache Management; MANET

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