An Effective Selection of DCT and DWT Coefficients for an Adaptive Medical Image Compression Technique Using Multiple Kernel FCM

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Over the last two decades, great developments have been made in image compression approaches driven by a growing demand for storage and transmission of visual information. However, a number of publications have demonstrated good results of the compressed domain approach to image analysis. Nevertheless, very little work has been carried out on ROI based compression. In this paper, we have proposed an adaptive approach to compress the image without lossless version using selection of DCT and DWT coefficients and MKFCM. Our proposed approach consists of three stages, (i) Region segmentation (ii) Image compression (iii) Image decompression. At first, the input medical image is segmented by ROI, Non-ROI and background using MKFCM. Subsequently, the ROI region compressed by DCT and SPIHT coding and Non-ROI region is compressed by DWT and Huffman coding. The non-relevant regions are directly converted to zero. From the compressed regions like as ROI, Non-ROI and background, finally we obtain compression ratio to evaluate the proposed approach. Then, in decompression stage, the original medical image is extracted using the devised procedure. We can also see that our proposed image compression approach have outperformed by having better compression ratio of 4.6446 when compared existing technique only achieved 4.4326
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Image Compression; Discrete Wavelet Transform; Discrete Cosine Transform; ROI; Background; SPIHT; Huffman

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