Development of a Secure, Energy Efficient and Reliable Routing Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

R. U. Anitha(1*), G. M. Kadhar Nawaz(2)

(1) Department of MCA, Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu, India., India
(2) Director, Department of MCA, Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India., India
(*) Corresponding author

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In Wireless sensor networks, existing routing algorithms assumed that the sensor nodes are stationary. But some applications of WSN should poses mobile sensor nodes are mixed with fixed sensor nodes in the same networks. So Mobility is the key factor for the WSN. When mobility is functioned there should be performance degradation and also the sensor devices are resource restricted, so that the networks exposed to different types of attacks. The tradition security mechanisms are not suitable for the Mobile wireless sensor networks since the resource limitation in the sensor node.
Especially the routing security is important for the sensor networks. Because of the intermediate node need access the contents of the data message, there are many attacks towards the wireless sensor network routing protocol and the traditional end-to-end security mechanism could not do anything.
Therefore, Mobility and Security are the challenging task in MWSN.
In this paper, we propose Secure, Energy Efficient and Reliable Routing Protocols for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network (SEER-MWSN) for considering the security and mobility as a major constraints. It provides energy efficiency as well as sufficient security to the mobile sensor networks. Simulation results show that the SEER-MWSN protocol has less Energy dissipated and more network lifetime, Packet Delivery Ratio, Throughput and Delay than the existing LEACH-Mobile and LEACH-Mobile-Enhanced protocols

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Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks; Cluster-Based Routing Protocol; Mobile Sensor Node; Throughput; Security

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