Distributed Data Storage Through Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

R. Jebakumar(1*), P. Vivekanandan(2)

(1) Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University, Chennai., India
(2) Professor and Head, Computer Center A.C. Tech, Anna University, India
(*) Corresponding author

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Data transmission is a very energy consuming operation in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Data collection, aggregation and its communication is a challenging task between the remote sensors and the sink. To minimize the transmission costs, the storage nodes are used to store data and aggregate it if required and forward to the sink. The secure keys are generated by a key distribution center choosing randomly that is shared by all the secure nodes in the network session by session. In this proposed architecture, a distributed data server (DDS) is connected with base stations (BS) or sink and each BS will act like a virtual DDS to reduce the centralized process and increase distributed computation. The storage nodes are placed between sensors and BSs to collect the data from remote sensors and itself. Each base station has its own regional data and maintains the fact for the whole data in the network to increase the query performance through distributed environment

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Wireless Sensor Network; Distributed Data Server; Virtual Distributed Data Server; Base Station; Key Distribution Center; Storage Node

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