Pipelined Architecture for Lossy Image Compression Using Hyper Analytic Wavelet

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Over the period of time, the measure of data that is dealt by machines has increased rapidly. Consequently the storage space or memory required to store the digital image component of multimedia systems has become a significant issue. Therefore; image compression addresses this issue by reducing the measure of data required to present a digital image. Image can be compressed by Lossless or Lossy compression technique. In this paper, we are analyzing the lossy image compression technique. And, the type of lossy compression technique analyzed is ‘Transform Coding’. In transform coding, we analyze Hyper Analytic wavelet transform (HWT) and Huffman coding algorithm on FPGA. The architecture for HWT is designed using Verilog-HDL language and synthesized on Xilinx ISE tool such that performance, power consumption and area utilized are analyzed. The power consumed by the designed system is evaluated by the Xpower analysis tool, which yields 345mW at 100MHz clock frequency
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Image Compression; Lossy Compression; Hyper Analytic Wavelet Transform; Huffman Encoding; Hilbert Transform

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