An Efficient Autonomous Key Management with Verifiable Secret Sharing Schemes for Reduced Communication/Computation Costs in MANET

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A primary concern in mobile impromptu networks (MANETs) is security. Not like typical infrastructure based mostly wireless networks like, wireless cellular net-works, Mobile ad hoc Networks (MANET) contains speedily deployable, self organizing and self maintaining capability options. Moreover, they will be shaped on the fly as required. Additional issues for MANET’s security arise as a result of its high quality to its users. A number of key management schemes have been proposed for MANETs. Due to the disadvantages in Shamir secret sharing such as distribute erroneous sub shares based on this that message transmission communication cost is increased. To overcome this Verifiable secret sharing schemes are used here. Existing research in key management can only handle very limited number of nodes and are inefficient, insecure, or unreliable when the nodes increases. Here this paper modifies Autonomous key management scheme is proposed to address both for security and efficiency for key management in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET). It also reduces communication and computational cost in Ad-Hoc Network and works for large number of nodes
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Mobile Ad Hoc Network; Verifiable Secret Sharing Schemes; Update Operation; Join Operation; Leave Operation; Merge Operation; Partition Operation; Expansion Operation

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