Watermarking of Medical Images with Optimized Biogeography

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Multimedia security has become an active area of research in recent years due to the extensive growth and development of multimedia data exchange on the internet. A number of security techniques have been developed to deal with the problems of attackers and hackers. But, most of the existing security approaches do not provide reliable results under certain attacks. This research work presents a novel technique to deal with the security problems. This research work uses the digital watermarking process which embeds the original information into a digitalized signal. Strength and reliability are the two important qualities in watermark embedding. But, digital watermarking has its own limitations wherein the insertion of the original information into the cover image and identification of the exact location without degradation of the original image quality is difficult. In order to solve the problem in digital watermarking, this research work proposes a biogeography algorithm with GA optimization to find the optimal allocation of location in images to embed information. But, Genetic optimization algorithm has certain limitations such as slow convergence, less accuracy, etc. Hence, this research work uses Biogeography Particle Swarm Optimization (BPSO) and Biogeography Firefly optimization (BFA). Experimental results are carried out with standard images and the performances of three methods are compared based on the parameters like MSE, SSIM and PSNR. It is observed that BFA shows best results to different threshold values which results in better visual quality of watermarked images.
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Water Marking; Genetic Algorithm; Particle Swarm Optimization; Firefly Algorithm; Biogeography; Independent Watermark

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