Performance Analysis of Cross Layer Communication in Wireless Sensor Network to Improve Throughput and Utility Maximization

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has emerged, different optimizations to gather information for many diverse functions like habitation monitoring, disaster reaction, and objective tracking. Additionally, the suggestion of new application function has also formed new challenges in WSN. Cross layer communication approaches have demonstrated to be the mainly proficient optimization techniques for these problems, since they are able to take the behavior of the protocols at each layer into consideration. Thus, survey proposes to recognize the key problems of WSN and assemble available cross layer solutions, in order to provide insights on the classification of open issues and provide guidelines for future proposals. These wireless sensor networks have been pictured and even more attentions are offered mainly because of the diverse applications. The plan of much optimization suggestion and the cross layer communication protocol has demonstrated to achieve better optimization results than their layered form of equivalent part mechanism. Some of the important issues related to cross layer communication in WSN are stability, adaptive modulation, error control, neighbor discovery parameter selection, time slot assessment and topology control. In this work, several researchers have evaluated several existing cross layer communication architecture related on throughput and utility maximization in WSN. Various throughput strategies and utility maximization strategies and their challenges are discussed for which the results obtained are benefitted by both researchers and wireless sensor network users. The work also evaluates the impact with end to- end flow control, optimal utility, fairness of competing flows, delay prediction and the total number of sensor nodes involved while performing the analysis. The result of survey not only measures the correspondence and differences of the different cross layer architectural approaches but also to identify areas requiring further research work.
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Wireless Sensor Network; Throughput; Utility Maximization; Cross Layer Communication; Time Slot Assessment; Topology Control; Delay Prediction

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