Face Recognition Technique Based on Active Appearance Model

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A face recognition technique is one of the common computer applications that automatically identifies or authenticates a person from a digital image or a video frame in a video source. This face recognition procedure is done by matching the selected face features from the image and the face database. Several face recognition techniques recognize the faces by extracting features from an image of the subject's face. The main challenges in face recognition techniques are to extract distinctive features that are not affected by external variations. Active Appearance Model (AAM) is one of the popular solutions that able to extract face features by precise modelling of human faces under various physical and environmental circumstances. In active appearance model approach, fitting the model with target image is a challenging task. The previous works shows that optimization approach is appropriate to solve this problem. Nevertheless, another problem is applying the optimization itself. In this paper, a face recognition technique based on AAM is proposed. In the proposed technique, the fitting problem of AAM is resolved by presenting ABC algorithm. The human face dataset called CASIA is utilized to analyse the performance of the proposed.
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Face Recognition; AAM; ABC; Shape; Appearance; Fitting Scenario

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