Cross-Layer Based Energy Efficient Congestion Control Protocol for MANETs

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Most common issue the transport layer, data layer and network layer faces is the congestion problem in the MANETs. To overcome this issue MANETs needs a cross layer based congestion control technique that considers the hops and energy consumption during the transmission. So in this paper a Cross-layer based Energy Efficient Congestion Control Routing Protocol for MANETs has been proposed. This approach considers the shortest paths for the transmission using PEER approach. For the selected shortest paths the network estimates the link cost. The estimation of link cost considers the transmission power and receiving power. In addition to this, a method has been proposed for detection of congestion in the selected paths. By simulation results, we show that the proposed protocol achieves increase in energy efficiency, decrease in end to end delay, increase in packet delivery ratio and decrease in packet loss.
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Shortest Paths; Link Cost; Transmission Power; Receiving Power; MAC Layer and Congestion Detection

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