EECPS-WSN: Energy Efficient Cumulative Protocol Suite for Wireless Sensor Network

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With the proliferation of wireless sensor network (WSN), the area of communication application is undergoing random exploration of massive wireless communication tool.  However, due to dependency on power and various other resources, reliability and robustness of collection of data in WSN cannot be solved yet to optimal level. This paper presents a non-deterministic technique that address such issues from the micro-level in direction of data aggregator where the problem of collision of equivalent data packet from multiple sensors or redundant packets are always a high probability. Powered by protocol suite, the proposed model has the potential to perform selection of unique incoming data packets and discard the redundant one by deploying dual ranking factors. Finally, compared with most frequently used LEACH, the proposed model ensure Energy Efficient Cumulative Protocol Suite for wireless sensor network (EECPS-WSN).
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Data Aggregator; Energy; LEACH; Wireless Sensor Network

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