Study of Energy Efficient Protocols Using Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network

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With the wide range of application, and yet exploring, wireless sensor network has attracted many researcher to design a remotely operated sensing device on such areas, where it is not possible for human to reach. However, in this process, one of the most troubleshooting issue in WSN becomes its power constraint as the nodes are backed up by battery that cannot be change or difficult to recharge in wireless environment. From past decade there has considerable amount of research work addressing towards the power consumption and depletion issues in WSN. Hence, this paper discusses only the standard techniques that have evolved in the past with a claim of efficient power preservation techniques. The paper has also discussed some of the recent techniques identified that has the potentials of saving the energy depletion. Finally, the trade-offs towards the prior work done and current need is discussed in this paper
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Battery; Energy Conservation; Network Lifetime; Wireless Sensor Network

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