A Novel Mechanism to Detect Jamming Attack in Wireless Sensor Network Using Modified Ant System

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Jamming attack is one of the most serious threat in wireless sensor networks (WSN). This type of attack not only blocks the ongoing communication but also exhaust the energy of the sensor nodes. In WSN, several types of DoS attacks in different layers might be performed. The physical layer being the lowest layer and the first to be attacked by jammers.
The mechanisms to prevent jamming attacks include payment for network resources, pushback, strong authentication and identification of traffic. Therefore guarding against DoS attacks is a critical component of any security system but there is lack of research for preventing such attacks. In this paper, the physical layer DoS attack is analyzed and a defense mechanism is proposed using modified ant system. The proposed detection and defense mechanism is simulated using Matlab 6.5.
The simulation results show that the proposed scheme helps in achieving maximum reliability on DoS claims improving the Quality of Service (QoS) of WSN.

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Wireless Sensor Network; Denial of Service (DoS); Jamming Attack; Detection Theory; Ant System

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